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Cryptosystem ME6 9.89 free software download Buy now
windows software for encryption and decryption of single files or multiple files in a single operation for secure storage or secure transmission. it uses a 500-bit key for security, and has features designed to minimize the chances of user error. free download Download
Size: 1534KB    License: Shareware    Price: $29.75    By: Hermetic Systems
Email Encryption End-to-End 11.52 free software download Buy now
this program is for sending and receiving encrypted email messages (optionally with an appended file) and is designed to be both secure and easy to use. it uses a symmetric key method. it works with any email program and is bilingual: english/german. free download Download
Size: 1512KB    License: Shareware    Price: $39.75    By: Hermetic Systems
Stego PNG 11.01 free software download Buy now
an easy-to-use steganography program which allows you to encrypt and hide a file in a png or bmp image file, with the use of a stego key, so that the presence of the hidden file is undetectable, even by software using statistical methods. free download Download
Size: 1681KB    License: Shareware    Price: $38.45    By: Hermetic Systems
Recycle Bin Wiper 2.32 free software download Buy now
a program for wiping deleted files in the windows recycle bin by overwriting them repeatedly so that the data cannot be recovered. the program is simple to use, and works with all versions of windows from windows 98 to windows 8. free download Download
Size: 1508KB    License: Shareware    Price: $14.75    By: Hermetic Systems