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TheGoodLife_Net32 5.11.0. free software download Buy now
food recipes, drinks recipes, vine informations, cigar informations, party planning, home inventory, private contacts, family economy as well as a system for collecting of books, movies and music. free download Download
Size: 253913KB    License: Shareware    Price: $40    By: LevSoft
MyContacts 2.0.0 free software download Buy now
the mycontacts keep a record, with pictures, of all your external contacts, family, friends, business relations and so on. it is possible to import all contacts from the ms outlook. the user can freely change all screen text as well as screen colors. free download Download
Size: 122005KB    License: Shareware    Price: $12    By: LevSoft
MyCollection_Net 1.0.0 free software download Buy now
this is a personal collection program for storing information about the various books, video's and/or music. all information are stored in an ms access database, but the files themselves are not moved from their original position on the hard disk. free download Download
Size: 122486KB    License: Shareware    Price: $12    By: LevSoft
MyParty_Net 4.0.0 free software download Buy now
party planning, party cost, invite party members free download Download
Size: 129406KB    License: Shareware    Price: $20    By: LevSoft
MyCigars_Net 4.0.0 free software download Buy now
cigar informations, cigar pictures, cigar stock, email cigar information free download Download
Size: 143894KB    License: Shareware    Price: $20    By: LevSoft
MyWines_Net 4.0.0 free software download Buy now
vine collection, vine pictures, vine cellar, vineyards, vine districts free download Download
Size: 256630KB    License: Shareware    Price: $20    By: LevSoft
MyDrinks_Net 4.0.0 free software download Buy now
drinks recipes, drinks pictures, search for drinks, email drinks recipes free download Download
Size: 49409KB    License: Shareware    Price: $20    By: LevSoft
MyRecipes_Net 4.0.0 free software download Buy now
this program includes more than 87,000 different recipes distributed in 5 recipe language databases (danish, english, german, norwegian and swedish). try it out for a 21 days free trial. the program comes with five (5) ready to use recipe database. free download Download
Size: 28884KB    License: Shareware    Price: $35    By: LevSoft
MyHome_Net 1.0.1 free software download Buy now
the myhome_net program is a deluxe software that assists you in taking inventory of your possessions. free download Download
Size: 223877KB    License: Shareware    Price: $15    By: LevSoft
MyChildren_Net 4.0.0 free software download Buy now
this is a program for storing nearly all events in a childs life, from -1 to 16 years of age. save all your notes from the pregnancy, the birth, the baptism, the infant age and the child age together with pictures and/or video's. free download Download
Size: 124157KB    License: Shareware    Price: $15    By: LevSoft
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