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convert visual basic .net, vbp, vbg or pdw's setup.lst file to an .iss script

InnoScript 11.0 Description

convert visual basic .net, vbp, vbg or pdw's setup.lst file to an .iss script the top script generator for for jordan russell's inno setup. generate an inno setup script from visual basic's .net, vbp, vbg or pdw's setup.lst file or any other programming language. innoscript will find all the dependencies that your project needs to run. runs on xp/vista/windows 7. (you will need to install inno setup also) inno setup can be download from jrsoftware.org

in order to get the same or better results as previous versions, select the destination folder to deploy to on the add files, add folders. select if to use the file of folder on the exclude folders, templates and search folders tabs. this version will allow you to deploy your apps to vista/windows 7 properly without needing admin privileges to run them (unless you do some other bad things). however in order to do this you may need to change where your app uses it?s data files that it needs to update and written to. these data files should be in your local profiles' application data folder not in your app's folder. you can get your local profiles' application data folder location by getting it from the system using api's (you can get the roaming profile folder also). get the folder's name then place it in a variable and use it just as you would app.path to locate your data files, basically you would just substitue the variable in the places where you use app.path now.

innoscript speaks your language with our new lanugage packs. now with unicode support for any language. convert the language pack and drop it in the language folder. that's it!!! offers windows side-by-side support.

InnoScript 11.0

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