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ThreadingTest J2EE Edition

based on the innovative testing concept--"threading test"

ThreadingTest J2EE Edition 1.7 Description

based on the innovative testing concept--"threading test" threading test completes the full automatically establishment of linkage for mighty data, comparison between the multi versions, combination of the coverage percentage together with automatically building the linkage between the testing case and source code during the testing process via the technology of automatic instrumentation, data transmission and the time tag in order to realize the threading for the whole process of the testing.
threading test is the new contribution for the testing theory after the black-box and white-box testing, and the commercial products tt(full free for individual) is now released together with the theory.
threading test, as the new generation of the white-box testing technology, it has many new functional features:
1.visualization testing;
2.automatically dual linkage and traceability between the testing cases and the codes;
3.real time tested application oscilloscope;
4.testing of the code separation;
5.comparison of the versions and calculated coverage percentage technology;
6.integrated unit testing without any cost, automatic testing tool as third party;
7.open style of the api interface;
8.support the integrated testing of distributed application.
9.intelligence reports

ThreadingTest J2EE Edition 1.7

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ThreadingTest J2EE Edition 1.7 keywords
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