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Word Patterns

Create a unique list of words from a text document effortlessly!

Word Patterns 4.4 Description

Create a unique list of words from a text document effortlessly! Word Patterns allows you to create word lists fast. Simply select a text document or a web page and all distinct words will be organized in lists. These lists may be sorted by frequency, alphabetically, or by length. Word lists of this type are ideal for many situations. Parents will find this tool invaluable as they help their children learn how to read. Since words in a list may be ordered by frequency, parents can help their children learn to read the most common words first. Interestingly, this does not only apply to the English language. It can be used to gather word lists from any language - and order the words alphabetically or by how frequently each word is used. Students of foreign languages will have the ability to study words which are used on a daily basis instead of only focusing on words that are used once or twice a year. Those interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will benefit greatly from this tool. Writers can more scientifically compare the writing style of others with their own. Word Patterns has a special feature which allows various language patterns to be discovered. Discover common language patterns such as : "I ___ you", "the ____ of the ____", and "a ___ of ___". Such simple phrase patterns can help authors enrich their own writing styles by seeing common patterns in the styles or other authors. Word Pattens offers advanced users the ability to use regular expressions. Mastery of this powerful language can enable its user the ability to parse or verify virtually any type of language pattern or data known mankind. The imagination becomes the limit! But Word Patterns does not stop there. Scrabble players will love the anagram solver which allows a user to input a set of letters and then see lists of words that might be created. Translators can benefit from word counts and the use of Translation helper and Parallel Text tools.

Word Patterns 4.4

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