A-PDF Data Extractor

A-PDF Data Extractor
            License: Shareware $27
            OS: WinXP,WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win2000,Windows2000,Windows2003,WinServer,W
            Requirements: pentium or similar processor, 64mb ram
            Publisher: A-PDF.com
            Homepage: http://www.a-pdf.com

a-pdf data extractor is a simple utility program that lets you batch extract certain text information within the pdf to xls, csv or xml file format. it provide a visual pdf data extraction rule editor to verify and define what data fields to be gathered conveniently and automatically.

typical usage scenarios
you sometimes may need extract data like account number, name, and address and output this information into an excel or csv file. it uses horizontal, vertical text position matching and for more advanced matching it has a rules system for conditional matching, e.g. only take match when account number: text is on the same page. different fields can also be merged into one, so say first name and surname can be output as one field in the csv file, convert spreadsheet format pdf’s to csv files, many options are available: data extraction, run on the command line, header output, page number field, filename field, batch list of files to process.

a-pdf data extractor automates the pdf data extraction process and saves you hours of time and unnecessary steps. a-pdf data extractor does all of the hard work for you. you simply have to select pdf file(s) or directory with unlimited numbers of pdf files, and a-pdf data extractor will convert all of them to data formats such as like microsoft excel file. if you want all data imported to a certain spreadsheet? no problem. with some few clicks you select an unlimited number of pdf files organize data import to one single file.

a-pdf data extractor features

the complete set of pdf data extraction features includes tools to:

1.provide visual pdf data extraction rule editor.

2.convert pdf data to excel or csv.

3.convert pdf data to xml.

4.process unlimited numbers of pdf files in one step.

5.create one single csv\xml file from all pdf files.

6. import and export extraction rule.

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