Icons-Land Hardware & Devices Vector Icons

Icons-Land Hardware & Devices Vector Icons
            License: Demo $180
            OS: Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Mac OS X,Mac Other,Windows CE,Android,iPhone,iPod,Unix,Linux,H
            Requirements: .ai (adobe illustrator file format) support
            Publisher: Icons-Land
            Homepage: http://www.icons-land.com

save development time. cut contracting expenses. enhance your software or designs with readily available icons-land hardware & devices vector icons.

developing a great product is always a challenge. how many companies are late to the market with their wonderful products? how many miss deadlines because of polishing the user interface? and how many just don’t bother, making a timely delivery of what is essentially a mockup?
don’t make a mistake of misjudging the importance of a graphical user interface. your software must be usable at the very least. ideally, it has to look great. icons and images play important roles in the look of your product and affect its usability. a matching set of carefully crafted icons can certainly enhance the presentation of your product and its customer perception.

but what about deadlines? no need to spend time designing and crafting graphical elements! don’t hire a contractor to do your icons, get a ready-made set of matching icons instead! with ready-made icons you always get exactly what you see, which leaves no chances for miscommunications and delays.

icons-land presents hardware & devices vector icons. this stylish set of readily available icons represent 363 items of modern electronic hardware such as computer, mouse, flash card, software, different kinds of drives, network equipment, and more. the devices are pictured in windows vista style, making your applications always appear great. your customers will immediately feel at home when they start your software enhanced with devices icon set under the aero interface.

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