License: Demo $5.99
            OS: Win2000,WinXP,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows 8,Windows 10,WinServer,WinOther,WinVista
            Requirements: 1 gb memory; microphone
            Publisher: AlgorithmsAndDatastructures, F. Rudin
            Homepage: http://www.AlgorithmsAndDatastructures.com

pitchblitz prepares you for the pitch grid test. the pitch grid test is a relative pitch test that evaluates your ability to discriminate pitch-distances. for the test, the notes are laid out in form of a grid: there are 4 rows of octaves starting from c2 to c5. the number of columns depends on the selected the grid sensitivity. e.g. 100 cents correspond to 12 columns (chromatic scale); 33 cents correspond to 36 columns. in this way pitch-distances beyond half-step precision can be trained.

the test starts with a grid sensitivity of 1200 cents. that is the grid consists of only 1 column. that means: to pass the test you only have to click in the correct row, in which the played note was played. after you have passed 10 questions, the test continues with a grid sensitivity of 600 cents. meaning the grid consists now of 2 columns.

each time you have answered 10 questions the grid sensitivity decreases and the number of clickable columns increases. therefore the difficulty increases you must listen more carefully to figure out the destination note – and thus leads to longer answer times.

the pitch grid test may look like an absolute pitch test. however, it is a relative pitch test. the last played tone is highlighted on the grid and marks your reference tone for the next question.

since you do not want to test grid sensitivities that you have already mastered, the pitch grid test allows you to select the starting grid sensitivity for the test.

if you fail to answer the ten questions for a given grid sensitivity, then the test stops. your relative pitch score is then calculated from the last past grid sensitivity and the maximum time you needed to answer a question.

to assess your relative pitch abilities, the answering-speed is crucial.

the program pitchblitz has a number of options that facilitate the learning process. the most important is that you can select an option that forces you to answer pitch questions in pitch distances.

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