Stellar PST Splitter

Stellar PST Splitter
            License: Demo $39
            OS: Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows 8,Windows 10
            Requirements: processor: pentium class | memory: 1 gb minimum | hard disk: 50 mb of free space
            Publisher: Stellar Information Technology Pvt Ltd

stellar pst splitter is efficient and quick utility to split large pst file into comparatively smaller psts. oversize of pst file is one of the major causes of its corruption, thus this tool effectively avoids pst corruption by slicing large pst file into small ones. the tool is of non-destructive nature as it performs pst splitting operation on newly created pst file while the original pst remains intact. moreover, this tool splits the pst file without altering the content and structure of the original pst file as well as the format of the rtf and html messages does not change. the software provides you four different options to split large pst files. these four options are- split by date, split by size, split by mail id, and select and split. through ‘split by date’ option of the software, you can split a pst file according to the dates. for example if you want, you can create a new pst file of all mails sent or received on specified date range or in ‘x’ number of months. the ‘split by size’ option of the software enables you to trim heavy pst file into smaller psts according to their size. suppose, you have a large pst file of 4 gb and thus by using this option, you can split this pst file into four smaller psts of 1 gb each. ‘split by mail id’ option of the software creates the new pst file of all mails, which have a specified email id in ‘to’, ‘cc’, or ‘bcc’ fields. ‘select and repair’ option of the software allows you to select one or more folders and the software creates a new pst file of these selected folders. this powerful and robust tool creates a detailed log report of entire splitting procedure. you can save this log report at any desired location and thus, can easily verify the number of items in original pst and pst file created after the splitting operation. if you want to split the pst file according to date, then log file records total number of items like emails, contacts, etc in source and newly created psts. also version supports ms outlook 2016

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