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PC Voice Spy Recorder

voice spy software to monitor and record skype voice chat, call and other sound

PC Voice Spy Recorder 3.26 Description

voice spy software to monitor and record skype voice chat, call and other sound many people are under the illusion that voice can be monitored by hidden voice recorder device only, such as digital voice recorder pen or other mini recording equipment. in fact, you can use spy voice recording software to implement this task easily. it is more covert to finish this work by software. computer user won?t know it exists in computer unless you tell him yourself. you can set it only record the voice chat content in skype, yahoo messenger. also you can set it record all sound which come out near the computer such as somebody is making a telephone call. all voice will be saved as wav file which is named with the time when begin to record. you can open these files to listen what have happened in your computer when you use it. with it, you will hear truth which you want to know. after you install it, you can find out a small icon at the right down corner of the screen, you can click it to set it hide this tray icon. when you need to active and unhide it, please use hotkey ctrl+alt+r. default password is empty, only need to click ok button directly. you can change shortcut key and password after you access the software. recording skype voice chat and skype call is the most applied function. voice content which is maked from both side will be recorded. in other words, the sound input from microphone and output from earphone will be recorded clearly.

PC Voice Spy Recorder 3.26

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