A4 DVD Ripper

A4 DVD Ripper
            License: Shareware $29.95
            OS: WinXP
            Requirements: p166 64m
            Publisher: A4Video
            Homepage: http://www.a4video.com

want to play your dvd movies without a dvd drive or share it with your friends? just try easy dvd ripper right now! no need of any technical knowledge but to do several clicking to rip your dvd movies to your hard disk!

a4 dvd ripper is a very easy to use dvd ripping software with excellent image and sound quality. it rips dvd to divx / xvid (avi file), vcd (mpeg1 file) or svcd (mpeg2 file), so you can play it using your hard disk. the whole process can be finished in 1-2-3 step!

rip dvd movies to divx / xvid (avi file)
rip dvd movies to svcd (mpeg2 file)
rip dvd movies to vcd (mpeg1 file)
so easy to use, only 1-2-3 step!
many advanced settings for professional users to adjust the ripping process
excellent image and sound quality

advanced ripping settings for professional users:
video settings: index, framerate, angle, detect progr. 24hz, force 24hz
audio settings: track, quality, volume, dolby surround
decss settings
luminace settings
delnterlace settings
idct and dvd drive buffer settings
sub titles settings: language, text offset, original colors
avi settings: audio and video codec settings
mpeg settings: video bitrate, audio bitrate, calc, motion, dct/idct
pading settings, mux rate and vbv buffer size
export settings: resolution, aspect, resize filter, render, frames

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