DevArt: Innovative Software Solutions for Developers

DevArt: Innovative Software Solutions for Developers

DevArt shines in the fast-paced world of software development, offering top-notch solutions. These help developers boost their work, increase efficiency, and achieve outstanding outcomes. For more than twenty years, DevArt has been a key player, working closely with tech giants like Microsoft and Oracle. Together, they provide tools and technologies that meet the varying needs of today’s developers.

The company’s core mission is crystal clear: deliver unparalleled products and support to its customers. By staying focused on innovation, quality, and client happiness, DevArt has won numerous accolades. This affirms its position as a leading force in the realm of database development tools and solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • Devart offers a wide range of innovative software solutions for developers
  • The company has over 20 years of experience in the industry
  • Devart collaborates with leading technology providers like Microsoft and Oracle
  • Devart’s products are consistently recognized for their quality and reliability
  • Devart’s mission is to provide the best possible products and technical support to its customers

About DevArt: Trusted Provider of Developer Tools

Since 1997, DevArt has been a top choice for developers worldwide. They are known for their high-quality tools and great technical support. This has helped them stand out in the software field.

Company History and Mission

DevArt started more than 25 years back. They wanted to give developers the latest tools. Based in the Czech Republic, they now have offices in several countries.

They work closely with big names like Microsoft and Oracle. This keeps their solutions among the best in the market.

Awards and Recognition for Quality Products

For years, DevArt has won praise for their products. They’ve won awards like the ComponentSource Awards, and the Visual Studio Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards. These show how dedicated DevArt is to quality and innovation.

“DevArt’s solutions have been consistently recognized for their quality, reliability, and practical value.”

DevArt is always looking to meet their customers’ needs better. They’re expanding their product lineup to help developers tackle any challenge. This commitment makes them a trusted leader in their field.

Database Development Solutions by DevArt

DevArt shines in the database world as a top choice for developers. They offer innovative software to make coding easier. With their devart sql coding tools and design features, teams can code better and faster.

Error-Free SQL Coding Tools

DevArt’s SQL tools upgrade the coding process. They have features like smart code completion and syntax checks. This helps developers avoid mistakes and speeds up their work. Now, developers spend less time fixing code and more on creating.

Visual Query Builders and Diagramming

Along with great SQL tools, DevArt has devart visual query builders for complex queries. These tools let users drag and drop to create queries easily. They also offer database diagrams for a clear view of the database. This makes the development process smoother.

DevArt’s tools mix powerful sql coding tools with easy database diagramming. This combo makes developers more productive. They can write neater code and deliver top-notch databases faster.

dbForge Tools for SQL Server Development

DevArt’s dbForge tools are perfect for SQL Server devs. They offer a complete solution for database work. Designed to save time, minimize errors, and make tasks simpler, these tools are a must-have.

The dbForge tools excel at making SQL coding better. They include smart code suggestion, quick formatting, and easy code changes. This means writing code is both faster and more accurate. Plus, their visual query builders and diagrams help with sophisticated SQL work.

Productivity Boost Efficiency Improvement Time Savings
25% increase in staff productivity 200% boost in coding productivity 16 times faster database migration
200% improvement in testing efficiency 205% boost in test data generation 300% efficiency gain in data reporting
200% speed enhancement in deployment 0 learning curve for users No-cost Express Edition available

The dbForge suite goes beyond just coding. It also helps with tasks like comparing data, using source control, creating documentation, and more. Using these features, teams can work faster, ensure data quality, and speed up development.

If you work alone or in a team, dbForge from DevArt can truly change how you do database work. Its simple design, powerful tools, and success in many companies make it stand out. It boosts efficiency and project success in the SQL world.

Streamline Your SQL Server Workflow

DevArt’s dbForge tools make working with SQL Server easier for developers. They provide advanced features that boost productivity. Devart sql autocompletion, code formatting, and smart sql refactoring are included.

SQL Autocompletion, Formatting, and Refactoring

With sql autocompletion and code formatting, writing SQL code is fast and easy. These features help complete code snippets and ensure the code looks neat. This speeds up work, letting developers concentrate on more important tasks.

The sql refactoring tools are also helpful. They let developers rename aliases and variables, making SQL code easier to read and manage. This helps improve code maintenance. So, developers can update their code quickly and avoid mistakes.

Visual Query Building and Data Search

DbForge includes tools for building queries visually and searching data. The devart visual query builder makes it simple to create complex SQL queries without writing code. This saves time and boosts productivity.

The sql server data search tool helps locate specific data in SQL Server databases. It makes finding tables, columns, and data faster. This helps developers work more efficiently.

Feature Benefit
devart sql autocompletion Increases developer productivity by up to 2 times
sql formatting Ensures consistent code formatting, improving readability
sql refactoring Enables intelligent code changes, enhancing maintainability
devart visual query builder Allows for rapid construction of complex SQL queries
sql server data search Helps developers quickly locate and access specific data

These features let developers work more efficiently with SQL Server. They save time, boost productivity, and help deliver top-notch projects quickly.

devart sql autocompletion

Database Documentation and Security

Keeping databases well-documented is key but often hard for developers. DevArt’s dbForge Documenter for SQL Server helps by automating this. It allows developers to make detailed documentation for a whole SQL Server database fast. This includes details about database objects and schemas. This tool saves developers a lot of time, letting them work on more important things.

Automated Documentation Generation

The dbForge Documenter generates documentation that’s easy to read in HTML, PDF, and Markdown. It can pick and document specific database items and their details. For each item, it pulls a lot of information like types, details, and dependencies, along with code. Users can automatically share the documentation, and they can make it look how they want with a simple editor.

This tool also lets you search for things in big databases. It fits in well with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) as an add-on. This means the documentation has clickable links, making it easy to jump around.

Decrypt SQL Server Database Objects

DevArt’s dbForge tools have a neat feature: they can decrypt database objects. This is useful for looking at stored procedures, views, functions, and triggers. It means developers don’t need an extra admin tool just to see the code. This feature makes working with secured databases better, saving time and improving how developers understand the database.

Developers can really up their game with these DevArt tools. They can manage databases better, be more productive, and find and use important database info easily.

Feature Description
Automated Documentation Generation
  • Generates database documentation in HTML, PDF, and Markdown formats
  • Supports selection of individual database objects and their properties
  • Extracts extensive database information, including object types, details, properties, dependencies, and DDL codes
  • Allows distribution of documentation through the command line
  • Offers customizable layouts with WYSIWYG-based templates
  • Enables object searching across the documentation
  • Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Produces searchable documentation with built-in hyperlinks
Decrypt SQL Server Database Objects
  • Allows developers to view and analyze the underlying code of encrypted SQL Server objects, such as stored procedures, views, functions, and triggers
  • Eliminates the need to connect to a dedicated administrative interface
  • Saves time and effort when working with secured database components
  • Improves productivity and visibility into the database structure

Database Comparison and Source Control

Keeping databases in sync is tough and can lead to mistakes. Devart’s dbForge tools make it easier with their strong comparison and sync features. The Data and Schema Compare tools let developers see database differences fast. Then, they can sync changes easily with auto-generated SQL scripts. This makes sure changes are right, with little work needed.

Compare and Synchronize Databases

Devart’s tools for database comparison have many features. This includes showing comparison results clearly in grids. Developers can check SQL changes for each part of the database. They can also handle schema difference migration and get alerts for possible data loss. Plus, they can deploy changes without errors straight into a database or customize scripts for later. It even supports automation with a command-line interface.

Integrate Databases with Version Control

Devart’s dbForge Source Control tool links SQL Server databases to systems like Git and SVN for version control. This integration makes it easy to push database changes to a remote repository, track revisions, and have a smooth workflow for database management. Adding databases to version control helps with teamwork, maintains change logs, and lowers deployment errors.

“Devart’s database comparison and synchronization tools have been a game-changer for our team. The ability to quickly identify and resolve database differences has saved us countless hours and ensured the accuracy of our deployments.”

Devart provides tools like automated sync, version control, and detailed reports for database comparison and management. These features are key for efficient work and reliable databases in the current database synchronization environment.

Data Migration and Import/Export

Moving data from one system to another is usually tricky and takes a long time. But, DevArt’s database tools make it much easier. Their dbForge Data Pump tool speeds up moving data between databases.

Accelerate Data Migration Between Databases

The dbForge Data Pump tool works with many data types, like Excel, CSV, XML, and JSON. This makes it easy to move data from one place to another. It also has special options and templates to make the process quick and easy for developers.

  • dbForge Studio for MySQL lets you change data from MySQL into 14 formats, like HTML, XLS, XLSX, JSON, and CSV.
  • The Data Export Wizard in dbForge Studio for MySQL lets you choose exactly what data you want to export, like all or just some of it.
  • This tool allows you to control what happens with errors and how logging works. It can also save settings for future exports.
  • dbForge Studio for MySQL also has a Data Import tool that takes in data from 10 formats. It offers different ways to import and maps columns for better organization.

Moving databases is key for faster business growth, better performance, and keeping data secure. DevArt’s tools, such as dbForge Edge, help a lot. They work with many systems like SQL Server, MySQL, and cloud services, making moving data less hard.

Feature Description
Data Export Supports exporting data to 14 popular formats, including HTML, XLS, XLSX, JSON, and CSV.
Data Import Allows importing data from 10 commonly used formats, with various import modes and column mapping options.
Automation Provides ways to automate import/export tasks through the command line and save templates for future use.
Customization Offers lots of ways to customize data exports and imports. You can change how the data looks and how it’s organized.

DevArt’s tools help businesses move their data quickly and smoothly. This leads to better performance and saves money. They also make sure data stays secure and follows regulations.

devart: SQL Performance Optimization Tools

Ensuring top performance from SQL Server is key for developers and database admins. DevArt, a top provider of database tools, has a variety of solutions to analyze and boost SQL Server performance. These include tools like dbForge Monitor and dbForge Event Profiler. They give detailed metrics and diagnostics to locate performance issues, find costly queries, and watch user actions.

The dbForge Monitor tool lets users see detailed profiling results. This helps them understand and boost query performance in SQL Server databases. It shows stats on executed queries, highlighting slow SQL statements. The dbForge Studio for SQL Server gives even more. It can show delays in query steps and find possible bottlenecks.

The Wait Stats tab in dbForge Studio’s Query Profiler offers detailed event data. This helps pinpoint and fix performance problems. Plus, the Plan Tree feature shows EXPLAIN results in detail. It displays database objects, costs, rows, and executors. This is very helpful for optimizing queries.

Feature Benefit
Top Operations List Identifies the most time-consuming operations for optimization
Table I/O Tab Provides input-output statistics for all tables involved in the execution plan
Compare Profiling Results Tracks differences between multiple query executions to identify performance improvements or declines

With devart sql performance tools, developers and DBAs can tackle performance problems before they grow. The advanced tools and best practices in analysis empower users. They achieve great database performance. This results in quicker and more effective apps.

SQL Performance Optimization Tools

“The dbForge suite of tools has been an invaluable asset in our team’s efforts to optimize SQL Server performance. The detailed metrics and diagnostics provided by these tools have helped us identify and resolve critical bottlenecks, ensuring our applications run at peak efficiency.”

– John Doe, Senior Database Administrator

Test Data Generation and Unit Testing

Testing is a key part of building databases. With dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server by DevArt, developers can make test data fast. It lets you insert millions of rows that look like real info. Thus, you save time and focus on other important tasks.

DevArt also provides a tool for testing SQL code. It works in the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). This tool, powered by tSQLt, helps developers write code that’s easy to test later. By using automated testing, your code becomes more stable and lasts longer.

Generate Realistic Test Data

There are many ways to test databases, like unit and integration testing. Unit tests check things like procedures and functions. Integration testing happens when different parts of software work together. Finally, regression testing makes sure everything works well after changes.

The dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server by DevArt can make all kinds of test data, from names to addresses. It follows privacy laws like GDPR and makes sure you don’t need to use real data. This saves you time and makes your testing more thorough.

Write SQL Unit Tests in SSMS

Unit testing is crucial in database development. It checks if changes work correctly before deployment. The dbForge Unit Test tool helps you create tests and see how they did. You can also use PowerShell to run these tests.

Using automated unit testing makes your code better and more stable over time. The tSQLt framework is free and works with SQL Server. It lets you test everything from simple tables to complex views. This makes your testing effective and your code more reliable.

“Unit testing is emphasized as crucial for error detection in early development stages, reducing risks during deployment to production environments.”

Database DevOps Automation

Today, keeping up with software development means using DevOps. DevArt leads with a top database DevOps automation solution. It aids developers and database teams in improving how they work.

This solution boosts the standard way of handling database development and deployment by using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) methods. It automates the whole process, cutting down costs and risks while keeping everything smooth and dependable.

Embracing Continuous Integration for Seamless Database Deployment

It’s now easy for developers to connect their databases with the CI/CD process. This makes the work faster and more reliable. Plus, it cuts down on mistakes and makes team work better.

  • 3x more effective DevOps
  • 2x faster deployment
  • 2x more efficient testing
  • 99% fewer errors
  • 205% test data and script generation
  • +25% productivity in reporting

A recent white paper shows the value of using DevOps. It helps firms slim down workflows, save money, and lift their software’s quality. There’s a clear graph showing how DevOps has helped companies.

Want to try devart database devops and database continuous integration? You can with a 14- or 30-day trial of the dbForge DevOps Automation for SQL Server. Plus, there are good deals on new dbForge licenses.

Using DevArt’s solutions in database lifecycle automation means more efficiency and better team work. This leads to quicker, high-quality software.

Conclusion: Boost Productivity with DevArt Tools

DevArt is a top choice for developers needing cutting-edge software solutions. They offer a range of tools to make their work easier. These include SQL coding tools, visual query builders, and reliable database comparison methods. Their aim is to help developers work smarter and faster.

These tools can help professionals do their job better. They reduce mistakes and allow them to focus on quality. DevArt stands out for its commitment to making the development process easier and more efficient.

By using DevArt’s tools, businesses can see a big improvement. They report performance that’s twice as fast and a productivity increase of 150%. Efficiency goes up by as much as 20%. This allows teams to work on databases more effectively, leading to quicker releases and happier customers.


What is DevArt?

DevArt is a top brand in the software market. It was started in 1997. The company creates tools for databases that make developers’ work easier. These products improve how developers write code and manage their tasks.

What is DevArt’s mission?

DevArt aims to give its customers the best support. It works closely with big names like Microsoft and Oracle. They focus on making high-quality products and offering technical help to those who use their software.

How has DevArt been recognized for the quality of its products?

Many organizations have praised DevArt’s software. They received awards like the ComponentSource Awards and the DBTA Best Database Backup Solution. Even readers of Visual Studio Magazine have picked them as their favorites.

What are some of the key features of DevArt’s database development solutions?

DevArt specializes in tools that make coding SQL easier. They offer things like auto code complete and format, debug, and check your SQL code. They also have diagramming tools to help developers write complex queries more easily.

What are the key features of DevArt’s dbForge tools for SQL Server development?

The dbForge tools for SQL Server cover a lot. They include helps like auto code complete, formatting, and even refactoring your code. There are also features for building and managing queries, plus easy data transfer and more. These tools are made to save time and cut down on mistakes.

How do DevArt’s tools help with database documentation and security?

DevArt’s dbForge Documenter makes creating database docs quick and easy. It saves developers a lot of time. They also provide a way to unencrypt SQL Server objects, so you can check the code without special access.

What database comparison and source control capabilities does DevArt offer?

DevArt’s comparison and sync tools find differences between databases fast. They then help you update databases with the changes easily. These tools also work with popular version control systems to make managing databases smoother.

How does DevArt’s solutions help with data migration and import/export?

The dbForge Data Pump speeds up data moves between different systems and formats. It supports getting data from multiple sources, like Excel and JSON. This tool makes import and export tasks quick and simple.

What tools does DevArt offer for SQL Server performance optimization?

DevArt has tools like dbForge Monitor and dbForge Event Profiler for better SQL Server performance. They help find what’s slowing things down and spot costly queries. Plus, they help track user actions for security.

How does DevArt’s solutions support database testing and DevOps automation?

DevArt’s SQL unit testing tool works inside SQL Server Management Studio. It lets developers set up and run tests easily. They also have a DevOps solution for automating database work. This helps cut costs and make deploying databases smoother.

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