iobit Driver Booster – Update Drivers Automatically

iobit Driver Booster – Update Drivers Automatically

Driver Booster is a free tool for Windows. It updates old drivers to boost your PC’s performance. This makes your system more stable and improves things like gaming and how your devices work.

Key Takeaways

  • iobit Driver Booster is a free and automatic driver updater tool for Windows
  • It enhances PC performance by updating outdated drivers
  • The tool helps resolve device issues and improve system stability
  • Driver Booster ensures a smooth computing experience by keeping drivers up-to-date
  • It provides an easy and secure solution for managing drivers on your Windows computer

What is Driver Booster?

Driver Booster Free by IObit is a tool that finds and installs old drivers on your Windows PC. It makes your computer run better by fixing problems and making sure things work smoothly. With over 1 million updates available, it covers a lot of different parts like sound and video cards, keyboards, and more.

Official Free Driver Updater Tool for Windows

This iobit driver booster is a great solution for keeping your system updated. It automatically finds and installs the latest drivers for you. This means your computer can perform at its best without you having to do much.

Automatically Scans and Updates Outdated Drivers

Driver Booster checks your system fast to see what drivers need updates. You get a clear list of what needs fixing. Then, it only takes one click to update them all. This makes it easy for anyone to use.

Enhances PC Performance and Resolves Device Issues

Updating through Driver Booster can make your PC perform better and prevent problems. It keeps your drivers current, so your computer and devices work together well. You also always get the latest drivers thanks to its big database.

Why Update Drivers Regularly?

It’s vital to keep your drivers up-to-date for your computer to perform well. Doing so offers many advantages. Whether it’s making games run smoother or making your system work better, updating drivers is key.

Higher FPS for Gaming

Updating your graphics card drivers is crucial for better gaming. New versions often include fixes and improvements. This can boost your in-game FPS (frames per second), making your gaming experience better.

Fewer System Crashes

Outdated drivers can make your system unstable. This can lead to it crashing or freezing often. Updating drivers can fix these issues, making your system more stable and reliable.

Faster Loading Times

Having updated drivers can speed up load times. This is true for opening apps, games, or turning on your computer. Better drivers mean your system responds more quickly.

Maintain External Device Functionality

Driver updates are crucial for external devices like printers and scanners. They make sure these devices keep working well with your computer. Updating drivers is important to ensure compatibility and prevent problems.

Key Features of iobit Driver Booster

iobit Driver Booster has key features to help your system perform better and fix device problems. It updates drivers, manages them, and optimizes your system. This makes sure your PC stays healthy and stable.

Clean Problematic Display Driver Installation

iobit Driver Booster stands out with its ability to cleanly uninstall and reinstall display drivers. This can fix issues with graphics drivers. It makes your computing experience smooth and problem-free.

Reduce Device Issues and Incompatibilities

Aside from display drivers, iobit Driver Booster reduces issues with other devices. It finds and updates drivers that are old or don’t match. This keeps your hardware working well and compatible.

Free PC Game Boost and Optimizer

For gamers, iobit Driver Booster offers a free boost and optimization for PC games. It stops apps and services that are not needed while you game. This makes your system run games better. Your gaming experience will be smoother and more enjoyable.

Improve Overall System Performance

iobit Driver Booster does more than fix device problems. It’s also designed to make your PC perform better overall. It does this by keeping drivers updated. This improves stability and how fast your hardware responds. You’ll have a more efficient and productive time on your computer.

Easy Driver Management

Driver Booster makes it easy to update and manage drivers. It helps keep your system stable. You can set it to make system restore points before updating, so you’re safe if something goes wrong.

Auto-Create System Restore Points

It’s smart to let Driver Booster make restore points for you. If a new driver causes issues, you can go back to how things were. This keeps you worry-free while updating your drivers.

Roll Back or Restore Previous Driver Versions

Driver Booster lets you go back to a previous driver easily. This can really help if an update doesn’t work right. You don’t have to waste time figuring out what went wrong.

Silent Mode for Focused Computing

Driver Booster has a silent mode for when you’re busy. It turns off notifications and alerts if you’re using a full-screen app. This way, you can focus without interruptions.

driver management features

iobit Driver Booster – Secure and Efficient

iobit Driver Booster focuses on keeping drivers safe and making updates efficient. It ensures users update their drivers without worry.

HTTPS Connection for Safe Downloads

iobit Driver Booster uses an HTTPS connection for downloading drivers. This keeps the process safe from online threats, giving users peace of mind.

WHQL Certified Drivers Only

iobit Driver Booster picks driver updates carefully. It only offers drivers certified by Microsoft’s WHQL. This means these updates are safe and won’t cause compatibility problems.

Automatic and Batch Driver Updates

This program features automatic and batch updating. It can update drivers by itself. It also lets users update several drivers at once, which is a real time-saver.

driver booster security

User Testimonials and Reviews

People love iobit Driver Booster. They say it’s great for updating drivers and making computers work better. Mike Goggans thinks it’s the top choice. He’s used lots of Iobit’s tools for years and they’ve all served him well. By finding outdated drivers for his laptop, along with other Iobit software, his systems stay smooth.

M.Talal Hafez puts it this way, “One scan from Driver Booster every day keeps old drivers away.” They no longer search for updates. Just one click updates all their computer’s drivers. This speaks to the tool’s ease and efficiency.

The reviews of driver booster and customer feedback on driver booster are all very positive. Many note how it updates drivers well. They also mention their computing experience has improved. The testimonials for driver booster highlight the software’s reliability. They show it’s great at keeping systems working their best.

Getting Started with iobit Driver Booster

The first thing to do with iobit Driver Booster is to get the free version from their site. This is easy to do. After downloading, the setup is simple. Once it’s on your computer, you can easily move around the program.

Download and Installation Process

Getting iobit Driver Booster is straight forward. Visit iobit’s home page and find the Driver Booster part. Clicking “Download” starts the process. The setup guide will help you install without problems.

Navigating the User Interface

When you open iobit Driver Booster, you’ll see a simple, easy-to-understand page. You can click “SCAN” to quickly check your drivers. Plus, you can look at your computer’s info on the side. This makes it simple to find what you need to know.

Running Initial Driver Scan

The first step after opening iobit Driver Booster is to scan your drivers. Click “SCAN” and the program will look at every driver. It will show you what needs updating. This helps you keep your computer running smoothly.

Advanced Features and Customization

iobit Driver Booster lets users tinker with many features to make their experience better. In the driver booster program settings, you can change things like language or how the program looks. This way, users can set the tool to match their preferences.

Utilize Additional Tools and Utilities

Driver Booster goes beyond just updating drivers. It provides tools to back up and restore drivers with the Backup & Restore feature. Also, there are tools to fix sound problems or device errors. This makes it helpful for solving common issues.

Access Technical Support and Resources

Any user needing help can find it through driver booster technical support. This includes FAQ guides, the IObit Forums, and other online help. It’s designed to answer any questions quickly.

These extra features, options for customizing, and support resources really boost the tool’s power. They help users get the most out of their computers.


iobit Driver Booster is a tool that’s easy to use and works well. It helps your computer run better by fixing problems with your devices. It updates old drivers for you, making your system more reliable.

This tool is great for everyday users and those who know a lot about computers. It not only helps install drivers smoothly but also boosts your game performance. Plus, it’s very safe to use. It uses secure connections and only installs drivers that are certified as safe.

People really like iobit Driver Booster because it meets their needs. It doesn’t matter if you want to play games or just keep your system stable. This tool is a top choice for keeping everything up to date and running smoothly.


What is iobit Driver Booster?

iobit Driver Booster is a free app for Windows that finds and updates old drivers. It aims to boost your PC’s speed and fix problems. By keeping your drivers fresh, you’ll have fewer crashes and a better experience with games and gadgets.

How can updating drivers enhance PC performance?

Updating drivers makes your PC work better. For example, updating your graphic card’s driver can make games run smoother. It can also help avoid crashes and speed up how fast things load. By doing this regularly, you’ll prevent your PC from slowing down over time and keep your external devices working well.

What are the key features of iobit Driver Booster?

iobit Driver Booster makes your system perform better and connects to devices easily. It cleans up and reinstalls display drivers to stop issues. Plus, it updates old or wrong drivers to make everything run smoother. It even boosts your game performance by turning off unnecessary stuff in the background.

How does iobit Driver Booster ensure the safety and efficiency of driver updates?

Safety and efficiency are key for iobit Driver Booster. It uses a safe download connection and only adds drivers with Microsoft’s stamp of approval. This makes sure your updates are trustworthy and work well. Plus, Driver Booster can update lots of drivers at once, saving you time.

What do users say about iobit Driver Booster?

Users love iobit Driver Booster for making their systems perform better. Mike Goggans says it keeps all his drivers up-to-date. M.Talal Hafez likes how easy it is to use. He says it keeps his PC running smoothly with just one click a day.

How do I get started with iobit Driver Booster?

Getting iobit Driver Booster is easy. Just download it from the official site for free. The setup is simple too. After that, use the “SCAN” button to check your drivers. The software also shows you key PC info right at the start.

What advanced features and customization options does iobit Driver Booster offer?

iobit Driver Booster includes lots of options to fit your needs. You can change things like the language and how the interface looks. It also offers tools to back up your drivers and fix specific problems. And, if you need help, there are lots of support options available.

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