IObit Uninstaller – Powerful Uninstall Tool for Windows

IObit Uninstaller – Powerful Uninstall Tool for Windows

IObit Uninstaller is a handy tool for Windows that makes uninstalling easy. It gets rid of programs completely, cleaning your PC. With it, you can remove unwanted apps, plugins, and Windows apps. This makes your computer safer. IObit Uninstaller works on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

It’s been called the best tool for removing programs on Windows. Users love it because it cleans up stubborn programs well. Plus, it gets rid of leftover files.

Key Takeaways

  • Easily removes over 2000 stubborn and malicious software applications
  • Offers a secure file shredder to permanently delete unwanted files
  • Praised by users for its effectiveness in removing leftover program fragments
  • Highly recommended for its fast and efficient cleaning of computer performance
  • Supports a wide range of Windows operating systems, including the latest Windows 11

Effortlessly Remove Unwanted Programs

IObit Uninstaller makes uninstalling stubborn software on Windows simple. It can eliminate programs like MPC-HC, IntelliJ IDEA, and Rockstar Games, which are hard to remove. By doing this, your computer stays clean and fast as all leftover files and registry entries are also removed.

Complete Uninstallation of Stubborn Software

IObit Uninstaller can handle difficult-to-remove software well. It can take out programs deeply connected to your system or those that don’t want to go. So, you’re left with a system free of any such programs.

Eliminate Residual Files and Registry Entries

Not only does IObit Uninstaller uninstall fully, but it also cleans up, including deleting leftover files and clearing the registry. This clean-up stops issues and saves space.

Manage Software Health and Permissions

IObit Uninstaller helps keep your PC clean and safe. It removes unwanted software and ensures software health. It finds and deletes malicious plugins. It also takes care of software permissions. So, your computer is secure and fast without harmful items.

IObit Uninstaller has a special feature called Software Health. It looks at 9 main parts of your software. These include leftovers, old software, and software permissions. They also check for annoying notifications and any software that’s hard to uninstall. This keeps your software system working well.

Besides removing programs, IObit Uninstaller handles software permissions and malicious plugins. These tools keep your PC safe and efficient. They make sure your computer is free from threats and always performs as it should.

Uninstall Browser Extensions and Plugins

IObit Uninstaller is great for cleaning up your browsing. It gets rid of browser extensions, toolbars and adware, and browser plugins fast. This makes your browser run smoother and safer.

Remove Annoying Toolbars and Adware

IObit Uninstaller’s Extensions area shows which ones are safe. It lets you spot and delete bad toolbars or adware easily. By doing this, your browsing becomes more secure and pleasant.

Secure File Shredder for Permanent Deletion

IObit Uninstaller includes a special feature called a secure file shredder. It lets you delete files so they can never be recovered. This is great for important files that you need to get rid of forever.

This secure file shredder has five shredding methods. They range from basic to very secure. You can pick the one that fits your needs best, whether it’s simple cleanup or erasing important secrets.

Now, your crucial files can be permanently deleted safely. It reduces the chances of someone stealing or abusing your data. With this tool, IObit Uninstaller becomes even more helpful for keeping your computer’s security and privacy strong.

Product Features File Size Licensing
IObit Uninstaller 13 Secure File Shredder 5 shredding algorithms, permanently deletes files 2.33 MB GNU license for free use
ArchiCrypt Shredder Powerful features, affordable commercial application N/A Commercial license
Blancco Data Cleaner Reliable shredding of entire volumes like hard disks N/A Commercial license
CyberScrub Comprehensive suite of privacy protection tools N/A Commercial license

By using the secure file shredder in IObit Uninstaller, you make sure that your private information stays private. It adds an important layer of data destruction and keeps your data safe.

secure file shredder

IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller comes in free and paid versions to meet everyone’s needs. The free version lets you easily get rid of programs you don’t need from your Windows PC. The Pro version has more features for those who need extra power.

Free and Paid Versions Available

The free IObit Uninstaller is strong. It helps you remove tough software completely, removing any leftover files and registry entries. This keeps your computer in top shape. The Pro version offers even more, and you can get it at a special yearly price of $12.97 per PC instead of $19.99 normally.

Trusted by Millions of Users Worldwide

Millions of users love IObit Uninstaller for its reliable work. It easily clears out unwanted programs. It has a perfect 5.0 rating and has been called the best Windows uninstaller by PC Magazine. People like Jeff A Watts, Lynette van Niekerk, and Paulo Martins recommend it for its great uninstall features.

User-Friendly Interface for Easy Navigation

Rooted in an user-friendly interface, IObit Uninstaller simplifies program management. Its intuitive design makes finding and removing apps simple. This ease benefits all users, whether new or skilled.

IObit uninstaller’s interface focuses on being easy to use. It allows users to swiftly delete unwanted software and more. Even without deep technical knowledge, anyone can optimize their system using IObit Uninstaller comfortably.

Feature Benefit
Clean and Intuitive Interface Simplified navigation and program removal
Accessible for All Users Suitable for both novices and experienced users
Quickly Find and Uninstall Programs Efficient program removal without complexity

iobit uninstaller interface

Advanced Features for Power Users

IObit Uninstaller is not just for everyone; it has special features for power users. These tools let you dive deep into how you uninstall, boosting your control. This makes uninstalling software even better.

Install Monitor for Tracking Changes

The Install Monitor is a standout feature. It keeps tabs on how new programs settle into your Windows system. It notes important things like new services, tasks, and DLL files. This means you can easily remove these programs later, even the tough to get rid of ones.

Batch Uninstall for Efficiency

If you’re tackling many software removals at once, the Batch Uninstall tool is a must. It lets you pick and remove multiple apps together. This boosts your efficiency, whether you’re cleaning up or doing regular computer upkeep.

Compatibility with Windows Versions

IObit Uninstaller works with many Windows versions. It includes the newest Windows 11 and old ones like Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. This means everyone can use IObit Uninstaller to clean up their PC, no matter the Windows version.

Supports Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP

IObit Uninstaller fits with lots of Windows, from the latest iobit uninstaller windows 11 to the oldest ones like iobit uninstaller compatibility. No matter your Windows, IObit Uninstaller offers great ways to remove unwanted apps and keep your PC safe and fast.

Expert Reviews and User Testimonials

IObit Uninstaller is winning over experts and users alike. PC Magazine hailed it as the “best Windows uninstaller tool” for its precision in removing programs. Users confirm its success in tackling hard-to-remove apps and ensuring smooth PC performance.

Praised by PC Magazine and Users

High praises for IObit Uninstaller come from PC Magazine and its readers. It earned the prestigious pc magazine iobit uninstaller Editors’ Choice award for its features and strong removal capabilities. Users also applaud the software for its effectiveness in cleaning up PCs.

Comparison with Other Uninstallers

IObit Uninstaller is a top pick among other Windows uninstaller tools. It is ahead because it can get rid of tough software. It also removes browser add-ons and gives suggestions for stubborn apps. This makes it more helpful than free choices like Comodo Programs Manager and Revo Uninstaller. Many users prefer IObit for its deep cleaning abilities and advanced features.

IObit Uninstaller’s Unique Advantages

AOBit Uninstaller is great at removing hard-to-delete software. Some uninstallers, like Bulk Crap Uninstaller, often leave behind many items. For example, 75% of the time, Bulk Crap Uninstaller left 6,341 items after removal. In comparison, IObit Uninstaller left only 185 items with normal Windows software. It did even better than Geek Uninstaller, which left 797 items untouched.

IObit Uninstaller is also noted for its ability to get rid of browser junk like toolbars and adware. This feature makes it very versatile. It’s a key player in keeping your PC clean and running well.

Uninstaller Tool Unsuccessful Automatic Uninstalls Total Leftovers After Uninstallation
Bulk Crap Uninstaller 75% 6,341
Geek Uninstaller 19% 797
Windows Apps & Features N/A 247
IObit Uninstaller N/A 185
jv16 PowerTools N/A 81
Revo Uninstaller Pro N/A 173

IObit Uninstaller is powerful and easy to use, making it a top choice for Windows users. It helps remove unwanted software completely. This keeps your computer in excellent condition.


IObit Uninstaller is a top-notch tool. It helps you get rid of apps on your Windows computer. It can delete tough software, clear leftovers, and check your system’s health. This tool is for everyone, from light users to experts, thanks to its features and simple look.

This IObit Uninstaller review wraps up its great work. It can delete any software, clean up after, and keep your system in good shape. Its easy layout and full features work well for all users. It’s a top pick for removing apps on your PC.

Summing up IObit Uninstaller, it shines as a must-have for Windows users. It can do a lot, like handle complete deletions, clean up files, and manage your system. No matter if you need to delete tough apps, control software, or erase sensitive files, this tool does it all. It offers a complete and smooth way to get rid of software.


What is IObit Uninstaller?

IObit Uninstaller is a tool for your Windows PC. It helps you get rid of programs completely. This includes deleting files and entries in your PC’s system.It also helps make your PC cleaner and safer. How? By removing unwanted programs, plugins, and Windows apps.

What are the key features of IObit Uninstaller?

IObit Uninstaller gets rid of even the toughest software for good. It ensures that no leftover files or entries stay on your PC.This tool also keeps your software healthy. It finds and removes dangerous plugins. Plus, it manages software rights on your PC.

How does IObit Uninstaller help with browser extensions and plugins?

IObit Uninstaller is great at tidying up your web browser. It removes those annoying extensions, plugins, and adware. This way, you can surf the web without clutter.

What is the secure file shredder feature in IObit Uninstaller?

The secure file shredder in IObit Uninstaller permanently deletes files. Once you shred a file, it’s gone for good. This is perfect for getting rid of any sensitive information.

Is IObit Uninstaller available in both free and paid versions?

Yes, you can get a free version of IObit Uninstaller. But there’s also a paid Pro version for more advanced needs. The free one has powerful uninstall features.

How user-friendly is the IObit Uninstaller interface?

IObit Uninstaller is easy to use thanks to its simple design. It’s made to be quick and hassle-free. You can find and remove programs without any trouble.

What advanced features does IObit Uninstaller offer for power users?

For those who like to dig deeper, IObit Uninstaller has some cool features. It comes with an Install Monitor to watch over new program setups. And it offers a batch uninstall to swiftly remove several programs at once.

What Windows operating systems are compatible with IObit Uninstaller?

IObit Uninstaller fits a lot of Windows versions. This includes the newest Windows 11 down to the old XP. So, no matter your system, it’s likely to work for you.

What do experts and users say about IObit Uninstaller?

Expert reviews and users both praise IObit Uninstaller. PC Magazine calls it the best for Windows. Users love how well it removes tough programs and boosts their PC’s performance.

How does IObit Uninstaller compare to other uninstaller tools?

IObit Uninstaller stands out among other free tools. It offers more, like cleaning up your browser and suggestions from the community for removing stubborn software.

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