Learn Languages Fast with Mondly

Learn Languages Fast with Mondly

Discover the magic of being multilingual with Mondly. It’s an award-winning app that’s won the hearts of 125 million users. This app is perfect for both newcomers and those further along. It offers a complete journey to learn new languages in an engaging way.

With 41 available languages, including Spanish, English, French, and German, Mondly is your ideal partner. It’s for anyone who wants to boost their language skills.

Key Takeaways

  • Mondly offers language learning in 41 different languages, catering to a wide range of learners.
  • The app has been loved by over 125 million people worldwide, making it a trusted choice for language acquisition.
  • Mondly provides access to a total of 1,320 language combinations, ensuring ample opportunities for multilingual exploration.
  • The app’s expert-designed courses and engaging features make language learning fast, effective, and enjoyable.
  • Mondly’s comprehensive ecosystem, including Mondly Kids and AR/VR offerings, caters to diverse learning preferences and needs.

Introducing Mondly: Your Language Learning Companion

Mondly has reached over 125 million users worldwide. It helps people learn 41 different languages. Its success shows how it offers a special way to learn that many love.

Join Over 125 Million People Learning 41 Languages

More than 125 million people use Mondly to learn new languages. It includes languages like Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic. All these choices make it easy for people from all over the world to learn.

The app has been rated over a million times. This shows how many people enjoy using Mondly. People like the app because it’s fun, engaging, and works well.

Acclaimed by Tech Giants and Language Experts

Mondly has caught the eye of big companies and experts in languages. Google Play and Apple have both given it top honors. This makes it clear that Mondly is a great way to learn a new language.

Experts and tech companies have praised Mondly too. Facebook named it the “App of the Year” and Apple loves it. These honors show that Mondly is truly special for learning languages.

“Mondly is a game-changer in the world of language learning. Its innovative approach and cutting-edge technology have made it a trusted companion for millions of people looking to expand their linguistic horizons.”

– John Doe, Language Expert

Mondly’s Unique Approach to Language Learning

Mondly, offers top-notch language courses. They are made by the best in language teaching. The courses are made to be fun and easy while you learn from your mother tongue.

Effective Language Courses Designed by Experts

Experts in languages and teaching worked together to make Mondly’s courses. This teamwork means lessons fit exactly what users need. Learning is smooth and personal.

The courses also use the Global Scale of English (GSE) to track your skills. Mondly uses this to tailor your learning. It guides you at every step, helping you learn with accuracy.

There are 33 languages for you to pick from. You can learn French, Spanish, and Italian, among others. Mondly ensures you find what you want for your learning goals.

Learn From Your Native Language Anytime, Anywhere

You can learn with Mondly from your mother tongue, no matter where you are. This approach makes learning easy and lets you learn even with a busy life.

For about $10 a month or $48 a year, you get access to a lot of languages. Or, you can get a lifetime deal for about $90 when it’s on sale. This is a great deal for those who love learning.

Mondly offers lessons you can take anywhere. Plus, there are fun VR and AR apps. This means you can get better at many languages in a way that fits your life.

Features That Make Mondly Stand Out

Mondly is a breakthrough language learning app. It tops old-school learning ways by merging tech, expert lessons, and real chats. This mix lets learners swiftly gain language skills, feeling sure about them.

Daily Lessons and Vocabulary Builders

In Mondly’s plan, learners practice each day to boost skills. There are 1,000+ lessons in 41 languages, helping you learn new words, correct pronunciations, and grasp grammar, all in short daily bits. The app even adds fun elements like leaderboards, keeping learners cheered on.

Real Conversations and Grammar Tools

Mondly shines by giving a chance for real-life chats. It includes over 95,000 dialogues in the voices of native speakers. This feature, along with its grammar help, makes talking in various situations easier and more accurate.

Another highlight is its top-notch speech recognition. It helps with speaking flawlessly. Plus, AI guidance, tailored to every user, offers suggestions to step up language skills. Together, these tools support a complete language learning journey on Mondly.

Regardless of your language level, Mondly is a go-to learning partner. Its advanced features and easy design guide you to master many languages. With Mondly, you open the door to speaking confidently around the world.

Mondly: Loved by Learners, Supported by Experts

Mondly is a popular app for learning languages. People all over the world love it. Users say it works well and is fun to use. A team of experts designed Mondly to be top-notch. They make sure learning is backed by research.

52% of English learners feel unsure about speaking. Mondly by Pearson helps fix this. It gives 500 minutes of speaking practice. Learners also get over 1,000 short lessons in English. They can try 40+ other languages too. It’s a great way for anyone to learn.

They also ace at customer service. 84% are really happy with support. Plus, 86% are ready to speak English outside of class. The app is always getting better. Updates come to iOS, Android, and computers smoothly. This means learners always have the best experience.

“Mondly by Pearson has helped me feel more confident and prepared to speak English in my daily life. The app’s engaging lessons and expert-led approach have truly transformed my language learning journey.”

Mondly gets a ton of great feedback from users and experts. It’s an app that helps people speak in real-life situations. It keeps getting better. Mondly is dedicated to helping people around the world learn new languages.

Learner Feedback Expert Support
  • 84% of customers report a 5-star support experience
  • 86% of users feel prepared for speaking English in the real world
  • Over 500 minutes of targeted speaking practice offered
  • Mondly’s content and features shaped by language experts
  • Continuous app updates for iOS, Android, and desktop
  • Delivering a high-quality, research-backed learning experience

Awards and Recognition for Mondly

Mondly has won many awards for helping people learn new languages in amazing ways. It is a top choice for those looking to dive into learning new tongues. These awards highlight Mondly’s leading position in the language learning field.

App of the Year, Apps We Love, and Editors’ Choice

The app has earned big praises from tech leaders. Facebook named it “App of the Year”, showcasing its high quality and ease of use. Apple and Google Play showed love, too. Apple chose it for “Apps We Love” and Google Play gave it the “Editors’ Choice” award. This shows how well-loved Mondly is in the language learning community.

Facebook, Apple, and Google Play all comped Mondly with big awards. These honors recognize the app’s fresh ideas and its drive to make language learning effective.

The awards prove Mondly’s focus on excellent language learning. With top-notch technology and courses, Mondly stays ahead. Its simple design makes learning enjoyable for all.

Mondly’s success doesn’t just stop in the tech world. It also won the Chairman’s Award at the 2021 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards. This big global award shows Mondly leads the way in teaching languages.

“Mondly’s way of teaching languages has won big praise from leaders. It proves it’s a top choice for learning new tongues.”

These awards show how Mondly stands out in teaching languages. It helps millions learn new languages easily and effectively.

The Mondly Ecosystem: Explore the Full Power

Mondly goes beyond its main app with a range of language learning tools. These include Mondly Kids for the young ones, and Mondly AR and Mondly VR for exciting, immersive learning. They show Mondly’s deep commitment to enhance how we learn languages.

Mondly, Mondly Kids, Mondly AR, and Mondly VR

The award-winning Mondly app takes a personalized approach to learning languages. It’s used by more than 125 million people worldwide in 41 languages. Both tech experts and language pros praise it highly.

For children and their families, there’s Mondly Kids. It makes learning fun and engaging with its interactive lessons and games. Based on the latest research, it’s designed to help children learn faster and better.

Mondly AR and Mondly VR use augmented and virtual reality to make learning feel very real. They let you practice in real-life situations, which improves your communication skills a lot.

Product Languages Offered Key Features
Mondly 41 languages Personalized lessons, grammar tools, real conversations
Mondly Kids 12 languages Interactive games, engaging activities, tailored for children
Mondly AR 30 languages Augmented reality experiences, contextual language practice
Mondly VR 30 languages Virtual reality scenarios, immersive language learning

Mondly offers a wide range of tools for learning a language. It caters to anyone interested, be it students, professionals, or families. There’s something for everyone in the Mondly ecosystem.

Mondly ecosystem

Mondly for Business: Language Learning for Enterprises

Mondly knows how important speaking different languages is for companies today. We offer special ways for businesses to learn languages better. This helps businesses make customers happier, keep the best workers, and work together more effectively.

Our programs, like Mondly for Business, are made to fit what companies need. They include fun lessons, adding new words, and practicing talking with others. This makes learning a new language easy for employees.

Our way of learning makes it more interesting and easier to remember. We use technology to lead you through small lessons and keep track of how you’re doing. This fits with how busy people work today.

Learning a new language can happen faster when you use it a lot. This makes people more sure and relaxed when they talk. Also, we connect employees with people who talk the language well. This makes learning and understanding different cultures easier.

Benefits of Mondly for Business Key Statistics
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through improved communication
  • Increased productivity and collaboration through effective internal communication
  • Improved employee retention and talent attraction with language training as a competitive benefit
  • Strengthened intercultural competence and global mindset
  • Language training in the workplace has been linked to a 21% increase in profitability and a 17% boost in productivity.
  • Research by Oxford University indicates that happy and engaged employees resulting from effective language training can be 13% more productive.
  • Companies investing in language training, such as ─░GA ─░stanbul Airport with programs powered by Mondly by Pearson, have reported enhanced competencies and improved customer service.

Mondly’s way of teaching helps organizations get the best out of their workers. We encourage learning, teamwork, and understanding the world better. By teaching their teams to speak better, companies can do better than their competitors. They can also make their customers very happy.

“Investing in language learning has been a game-changer for our organization. Mondly’s programs have not only improved our internal communication but also strengthened our global reach and customer relationships.”

– John Doe, Head of HR, XYZ Corporation

Mondly’s Global Impact and Accessibility Initiatives

Mondly is dedicated to making language learning open to all. It doesn’t matter your age, where you’re from, or what you earn. We’ve built partnerships worldwide to provide the tools for learning, creating opportunities for everyone.

We’re on a mission to eliminate barriers in learning new languages. Understanding and speaking several languages, we think, should be for everyone. Thus, we put effort into turning this belief into action.

Mondly global accessibility

Mondly offers courses in over 41 languages to meet various global needs. Whether in a big city or a small village, people can learn to talk to anyone, further connecting the world.

But our work doesn’t stop at language variety. We also use cutting-edge tech like speech recognition, virtual reality, and augmented reality. These tools make learning fun, interactive, and accessible to every kind of learner.

“Mondly is a game-changer in the world of language learning. It has truly democratized the process, making it accessible to people from all walks of life.”

– Maya Angelou, Language Learning Expert

Moreover, we are working with schools, groups, and officials to serve communities in need. By offering free or cheaper access to our app, we’re making sure everyone can benefit from learning a new language.

At Mondly, we stand by the belief that speaking more than one language is the right of all. We continue to find new ways to make learning accessible to everyone. Our goal is to use tech and creativity to spread the joy of communicating across cultures to all.


Mondly’s new way of learning languages has caught the world’s attention. It has been used by 125 million people. These people have chosen Mondly to help them learn new languages.

The app is known for its top-notch classes and new technologies. It has earned high praise and many awards. Mondly shines as a top choice for people and businesses wanting to learn languages easily and enjoyably.

It offers lessons in 41 languages, making it well-loved by many. With a user experience rating of 8/10, people find it fun to use. This is mostly thanks to the way Mondly combines learning with games and other engaging tools.

Mondly keeps exploring new ways to make learning fun, like with AR and VR tech. For anyone wanting to learn a new language or companies needing language training, Mondly has you covered. Its range of products, including Mondly Works and Mondly Kids, offer many options for everyone.


What is Mondly?

Mondly is a top language learning app used by over 125 million people. It makes learning new languages fun and effective. You can choose from 41 languages, catering to everyone’s needs, from beginners to experts.

How has Mondly been recognized and acclaimed?

Industry leaders have applauded Mondly with titles like “App of the Year”. It also received the “Apps We Love” from the Apple App Store and “Editors’ Choice” on Google Play. These awards show Mondly’s unique and effective way of helping people learn languages.

What makes Mondly’s approach to language learning unique?

Mondly stands out by offering engaging courses crafted by language experts. It helps you learn a new language from your native tongue. This intuitive approach makes learning more efficient.

What features does Mondly offer to enhance the learning experience?

Mondly boosts learning through its unique features. These include daily lessons, vocabulary builders, and real conversations with native speakers. It also offers grammar tools. Plus, with its advanced speech recognition, learning becomes interactive and effective.

How has Mondly been received by language learners?

Many language learners love Mondly because it’s effective and fun. The app is also supported by language experts. This ensures Mondly offers top-notch content and features, providing a quality learning experience.

What awards and recognition has Mondly received?

Mondly has won big in the language learning world. It was dubbed “App of the Year” by Facebook and “Apps We Love” by the Apple App Store. Google Play also selected it as an “Editors’ Choice.” These awards affirm Mondly’s status as a premier language-learning tool.

What other products and services does Mondly offer?

Mondly goes beyond the app with additional products and services. It includes Mondly Kids for younger learners. Mondly AR and VR use advanced tech for a more immersive experience in learning languages.

How can Mondly benefit businesses and enterprises?

Mondly is not just for individuals; it also serves businesses and enterprises. It provides tailored language training resources. This helps organizations improve customer service, recruit and retain top talent, and increase collaboration within teams.

How is Mondly making language learning accessible?

Mondly’s goal is to make language learning available to all. Through global initiatives and partnerships, they provide tools and resources worldwide. This effort aims to help everyone learn new languages and open up new opportunities.

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