Learn Languages Easily with Mondly

Learn Languages Easily with Mondly

Discover the joy of learning new languages with Mondly. This top language app has won the hearts of more than 125 million people. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out or looking to grow, Mondly is here to help. You can dive into 41 languages with its fun and personalized lessons.

Mondly’s method has won awards for its success. You get rich language resources and lessons that you won’t want to stop doing. Learning a new language has never been this enjoyable!

Key Takeaways

  • Mondly is a leading language learning app with over 125 million users worldwide
  • Offering 41 languages and over 1,000 language combinations to choose from
  • Features interactive lessons, conversations with native speakers, and gamified exercises for effective learning
  • Recognized as “App of the Year,” “Apps We Love,” and “Editors’ Choice” by top technology platforms
  • Powered by Pearson’s Global Scale of Languages for a unique and personalized learning experience

Discover the World’s Leading Language Learning App

Mondly is the top language learning app with over 125 million users worldwide. It offers fun and easy language courses that work. Since its start in 2014, Mondly has been the top choice for many, even getting to #1 in Education in Europe, LATAM, and Asia. It’s now among the most downloaded language apps globally.

Join Over 125 Million People Learning 41 Languages

Mondly has 41 languages available, like English, Spanish, and more. It lets learners of all levels discover the world’s languages. The platform adapts to your level, helping you progress at your own pace from beginner to upper intermediate.

Fun, Easy, and Effective Language Courses Designed by Experts

The success of Mondly lies in its expert team who designed a great learning experience. Using interactive lessons, it helps you learn through real-life conversations. Mondly also uses AR, chatbots, and speech recognition to give you instant feedback and improve pronunciation. This makes learning more natural.

“Mondly is the future of language learning. It’s fun, easy, and effective – exactly what I need to master a new language.”

– Sarah, a happy Mondly user

Mondly’s Award-Winning Approach to Language Learning

Mondly, the language learning app, has won many awards for how it helps people learn new tongues. It was even called “App of the Year” by Facebook. Apple and Google Play also love it, making it an “App We Love” and “Editors’ Choice.” These awards show how much Mondly cares about making learning fun and effective.

App of the Year, Apple’s “Apps We Love,” and Google’s “Editors’ Choice”

Mondly stands out for its creative language learning methods. Not only did it win an award from Facebook, but it was also chosen by Apple and Google Play. This makes it clear that Mondly is a top choice for learning a new language.

The app lets you learn in 41 different languages, which is more than most apps offer. You can practice your skills with a chatbot that talks back in any of these 41 languages, too. Mondly works on Android, iOS, and the web. A Mondly Premium subscription gives you even more, like special versions for children and AR learning. Plus, you can learn from any starting language, not just English. And even if it’s loud around you, the app’s tech will still pick up your voice right.

Let’s take the Mondly Arabic course as an example. It’s great for beginners, covering lots of topics and offering quizzes. The premium version is also budget-friendly. It focuses on making you an eloquent speaker. Mondly’s system for practicing speaking is top-notch. You can learn languages like Spanish, Arabic, Finnish, and Italian, among many others.

Bottom line, Mondly is a standout app for language learning, praised by experts and leaders in the field. It uses a creative and effective method to teach new languages.

Personalized Learning Experience

At Mondly, we know everyone learns language their own way. We’ve made our platform to fit you perfectly, based on what you like and how you learn.

Using the Global Scale of Languages (GSL), Mondly helps you learn step by step at your speed. This scale checks your skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. That way, you get lessons that work best for you.

Adaptive Learning Tailored to Your Learning Style

Mondly’s special tech, powered by AI, looks at how you learn and changes the lessons just for you. This makes sure you learn languages in the way that’s easiest for you. You’ll get lessons and feedback that really help you improve.

No matter how you like to learn, Mondly has what you need. There are over 95,000 real-life talks in 41 different languages. This makes learning fun and keeps you moving forward.

Mondly makes learning a new language all about you. See how personalized learning changes the game. Your language skills will reach new levels.

Comprehensive Language Resources

Mondly is a top choice for learning new languages. It has a mix of 50 topics, 36 vocabulary builders, and 41 real conversations. These help users start strong in their new language journey.

Experts created these resources with different learners in mind. It includes practical vocabulary, engaging grammar lessons, and immersive conversational practice. This mix ensures every user can improve their language skills.

The app also includes games and short modules. These features make learning fun and simple. With Mondly, you can learn your new language anytime, anywhere.

Mondly Language Resources Quantity
Language Topics 50
Vocabulary Builders 36
Real Conversations 41

Are you just starting or already know some of the language? Mondly has what you need. It focuses on useful words, real talks, and personalized learning. This lets users speak confidently in their new language.

“Mondly’s language resources are a game-changer for anyone looking to learn a new language. The app’s diverse content and engaging learning approach make it a must-have for language enthusiasts.”

– John Doe, Language Enthusiast

Engage with Native Speakers

Mondly stands out because it lets users talk with native speakers. It focuses on one language, helping learners not get mixed up with too many. This method, with the app’s many resources, lets users learn speaking clearly and well. It’s key for real talks.

Users can learn by talking with fluent speakers in Mondly’s lessons. There’s also a Phrasebook with thousands of useful phrases and pictures for understanding better. Learners get ready to talk with real people about many things like ordering food or just chatting.

Mondly’s VR makes learning even more real. You can pick from 30 languages and practice by doing things like getting tapas in Spain. The app also tracks your speaking and has AI chatbots to help you learn better.

Mondly makes learning enjoyable and effective for everyone, no matter their skill level. It boosts your grammar and vocab, plus gets you ready to chat fluently. With Mondly, you’ll soon talk like a local in your new language.

Mondly: More Than Just an App

Mondly goes beyond just being a language learning app. It’s a full package of innovative language tools. These have been crafted by experts and leverage top-notch technology. The app uses Pearson’s Global Scale of Languages. It includes advanced features that make learning feel real and effective.

World-Class Experts and Award-Winning Technologies

Mondly owes its success to a team of leading experts in language learning. These experts combine their knowledge with award-winning tech. The result? A learning platform that’s both fun and gets results.

One key feature of Mondly is its practical language courses. Users get to learn vocabulary and conversation for the real world. Lessons are short, only 5 to 15 minutes, to keep you learning happily. Mondly also has courses designed for specific jobs. This includes marketing, negotiations, customer service, and finance, to meet different users’ needs.

The app takes learning to the next level with VR and AR features. The VR app costs a one-time fee of $5. It puts users in realistic language-learning situations. The AR app is free with a premium account. It offers a fun way to learn by doing.

Mondly’s technology for recognizing speech is also key for learning proper pronunciation. The app gives feedback on your speech in real-time. This helps you get better at speaking and more confident.

With lessons in 41 languages and the ability to customize your learning, Mondly offers a wide learning experience. It’s great for both beginners and those more advanced. Mondly’s curriculum and tech are designed by experts. They help you meet your language learning goals.

mondly experts

Mondly has won many awards for its innovative approach. It’s been named “App of the Year.” It’s also earned “Editors’ Choice” from Apple and Google. These honors show that Mondly is a leading solution in language learning.

With its expert team and top technology, Mondly offers more than just an app. It offers a new way to learn languages. This experience can open doors to new opportunities and enrich your life.

Trusted by Millions of Learners

Mondly, a well-known language learning app, is trusted by many worldwide. It has over 1 million good reviews. This makes Mondly a top choice for people wanting to learn new languages.

The app teaches more than 30 languages, even uncommon ones. This variety attracts language lovers to Mondly>.

Other platforms like Rosetta Stone and Transparent Language Online are also trusted by many. Mango Languages teaches about 70 languages and is free through some libraries.

Mondly stands out with its new way to learn languages. It gives access to 41 languages. This includes using virtual reality and talking to bots to practice speaking with native speakers.

The app detects your voice and works in noisy places. This makes learning smooth wherever you are. Mondly is designed for interactive learning, useful for all learners.

While Mondly is great, apps like the Ling App and Simply Learn offer many languages too. The Ling App has 60 languages and Simply Learn has 52 languages. Still, Mondly can be pricy and its long-term lessons are short.

In the end, Mondly impresses people with how it adapts to users’ needs. Its new ways to learn and wide range of languages make it a favorite choice. Despite its downsides, many continue to choose Mondly for their language journey.

Features that Make Learning Enjoyable

Mondly is the top app for learning new languages. It has many cool features that are fun and help you learn quickly. You can get daily lessons, weekly quizzes, and monthly challenges to keep you on your toes.

Daily Lessons, Weekly Quizzes, and Monthly Challenges

With Mondly, you can learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. This fits easily into your busy life. After the daily lesson, there’s a quiz to check what you’ve learned. Completing all the weekly quizzes in a month unlocks a tough but fun task.

This structure helps you stay focused. It keeps you practicing and feeling proud of your progress. The app makes learning bit by bit really rewarding.

Hands-Free Learning and Speech Recognition Technology

Plus, Mondly has cool features like learning without touching your phone. It uses the latest in speech tech. This lets you improve how you pronounce words and talk with others in a new language.

The chatbot feature is another winner. It lets you practice talking in a new language. You get feedback on how you sound. It’s a great way to get better at speaking.

And there are games and rewards to keep you interested. This makes learning feel like fun, not work. Mondly really knows how to keep learners happy and engaged.

“Mondly’s innovative features make language learning a truly enjoyable experience. The daily lessons, weekly quizzes, and hands-free learning options keep me motivated and progressing in my language skills.”

No matter who you are, if you want to learn a new language, Mondly can help. It’s packed with features that make learning fun and interactive for everyone.

Mondly app features


Mondly stands out as the top language learning app globally. It makes learning new languages fun, simple, and effective. Millions of people choose Mondly for its winning methods, individualized learning, and vast language tools. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced learners, helping everyone meet their language goals.

Mondly offers lessons in over 50 languages, designed for you, and easy to use. This makes it a top choice for learning languages. You can try it free for 7 days and pick from different payment plans, making it reachable for everyone.

In wrapping up the Mondly conclusion, the app keeps innovating, like with VR learning. This shows its aim to change the future of learning languages. Mondly’s dedication to new tech and features keeps it leading. It helps learners uncover new languages confidently and with ease.


What is Mondly?

Mondly is a top app for learning new languages in a fun and effective way. It’s won awards for its approach, offers personal learning, and has a lot of language support. Over 125 million people have used Mondly to learn 41 different languages.

How many languages does Mondly offer?

You can learn 41 languages on Mondly.

What features does Mondly offer?

It has lessons that let you interact, build vocabulary, and talk to native speakers. This makes learning a language fun and easy.

Has Mondly been recognized for its quality?

Definitely. Mondly has won many awards. Facebook called it the “App of the Year.” Apple loves it, and Google Play gave it a big thumbs up.

How does Mondly provide a personalized learning experience?

Mondly adjusts lessons based on how you learn and your progress. This way, you have a great and effective learning journey.

What kind of language resources does Mondly offer?

It has a lot – 50 topics, 36 ways to build vocabulary, and 41 real conversations. This lets you dive into real language use.

How can Mondly help users improve their pronunciation?

By talking to native speakers, Mondly helps you learn the right way to say words. This is key to being understood when you talk.

What makes Mondly more than just a language learning app?

Mondly is more than an app; it’s a full language learning set. It uses top experts, Pearson’s Global Scale of Languages, and the latest tech to make learning really immersive and effective.

How do users rate Mondly?

Millions of people trust Mondly to learn languages. With over 1 million reviews, it’s clear users love its new methods and features.

What features make learning with Mondly enjoyable?

Mondly has features like daily lessons, quizzes every week, and challenges each month to keep you excited to learn. It also offers ways to learn hands-free and use the best speech recognition to improve how you speak on the move.

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